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Each piece is unique and no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Please be advised that I strive to take accurate pictures of all of the colors but each monitor may represent them differently. Please use these pictures as a guide. Thank you.  

Please be aware sale orders can take up to 12 weeks

Currently, 16 and 18 Count opalescent aida, 32 and 28 Count opalescent lugana, Edinburgh 36 ct linen and  Kingston 55 count linen are all backordered because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Please realize there may be an additional wait for these fabrics.

Current Turn Around Time for Fabrics is about 4- 6 weeks if you're not ordering during a sale.  Covid-19 had lead to dyes and fabrics taking longer to be shipped to me and backordered for longer than usual.  I'm doing my best to keep up with the demand as my fabric and dye orders keep coming in piecemeal. 


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Linen is an evenweave fabric made of 100% natural linen fibers. The linen dyed by Under The Sea Fabrics are high-quality linens made by Zweigart Fabrics. Most ofabrics are shown on Linen unless otherwise stated.  I an working on creating split images of all of the fabrics on linen and evenweaves.

Opalescent Linen is an evenweave made of natural linen fibers with clear, shimmery thread woven into it that makes the fabric sparkle.

Lugana is an evenweave fabric that is 52% cotton and 48% Rayon. The lugana dyed by Under the Sea Fabrics is a high-quality lugana made by Zweigart.

Opalescent Lugana is an evenweave made of 52% cotton and 48% Rayon that has a clear, shimmer thread woven into it that makes the fabric sparkle.

Jobelan is an evenweave that is 51% cotton and 49% Rayon/Modal. The jobelan dyed by Under The Sea Fabrics is a high-quality jobelan made by Wichelt Imports.

Aida is an even weave fabric that is 100% cotton. The threads are woven tightly so that stitching can be done over one thread.

Opalescent Aida is an evenweave made of cotton fibers with a clear, shimmery thread woven into it that makes the fabric sparkle.

Please be advised that jobelan and lugana dye differently than aida and linen. The colors they produce are lighter in color. Some colors require a darker, richer color and are NOT available in Jobelan or Lugana. 25 count Lugana dyes very light.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as each piece is hand-dyed as ordered and are dyed in the order received.  If there is an additional delay, you will be contacted by email.  Thank you!

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